Sand-Board-Holder System (black)
| for VW T25 / T3


UK-Version of the WESTAGON Sand-Board-Holder System for left hand traffic.

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The WESTAGON Sand-Board-Holder System, UK-Version is invented for left hand traffic.

It‘s also developed as a three-layer aluminum and steel sheet system. The first layer is the dummy window panel. This can be pulled into the window frame of the VW T25 instead of the regular window, so that you shouldn’t drill any holes in the vanagon body. The blind window layer is made of Aludibond composite panel. The blind window has an aluminum counter plate inside the van. This counter plate is our second layer of the Sand-Board-Holder-System and is slightly larger in its basic dimensions than the blind window. This layer prevents the blind window from being pulled out of the seal when you mounting heavy duty loading.

The counter plate is delivered in a rare aluminum look and can be designed by your own in looking of your personal Interieur style. The third layer is created as a two composite layer that can be opened by 90°. The outer composite of this layer is a perforated sheet steel mounting plate, that you can use for your individuell overland loading. The system is sealed against all environmental influences with a black powder coating. The inner counter plate and the blind window comes to you as an unpainted surface for your personal design requirements. When unfolded, the system is held in place by two nylon straps. The universal perforation of the sheet makes it easier to assemble each overland loading and also offering the opportunity to use the plate as a storage area during camping or off-road adventures. The plate, which has slots, represents a universal mounting surface for attaching various sand board systems or other off-road accessories. The set is supplied with the associated lockable screw nuts. The sand boards are not part of the product. Each single part of the WESTAGON Sand-Board-Holder system can be also purchased individually!

Suitable for the years of construction 1979 – 1992 (also Syncro).

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